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Each whiskey has been assessed in terms of Nose, Palate, and Finish, with a conclusion given for every whiskey tasted. The tasting notes will in some cases appear in the blog posts, however, this page will exclusively feature the whiskeys themselves.

The Whiskeys are Rated out of 10 with the following ratio of points:
10/10: Attributed to a Liquid Insight. The Nose, Palate and Finish of the whiskey. The depth of flavour, the texture, the aromatics, does it have layers & complexity, it is robust or aggressive, is the alcohol refined, do the chosen casks impact on the flavour, does the distillate character shine through? These are some of the many questions I take into consideration.

Each review will also included a Brand Insight: The packaging, the feel of the product, the labelling, transparency and provenance of distillate, where does the product fit in it’s specific category, does it add anything to the brand or distilleries offering, and how does it compare in it’s pricepoint.

Killowen Peated alongside Two, Two Stacks

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a whiskey straight from the cask in the presence of the distiller, in the distilleries warehouses or a small rackhouse such as the one pictured. They’ll tell you how they have tried create something new, or traditional, or historical, or something true to their story. You’ll be drawn in andContinue reading “Killowen Peated alongside Two, Two Stacks”

Pearse Lyons ‘Marriage of Malt’, Blended Malt Distillery Exclusive Review

Throughout the lock-down period in Ireland when I had only been temporarily laid-off rather than fully terminated as I am now, I began working on an Irish Whiskey education project. (‘terminated’ sounds so sinister doesn’t it, reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger, although unlike him it doesn’t look like ‘I’ll be back’ anytime soon, to workContinue reading “Pearse Lyons ‘Marriage of Malt’, Blended Malt Distillery Exclusive Review”

The Waterford Distillery Single Farm Origin: A Trio about Terroir

Before we start, this is a relatively lengthy whisky review, I don’t think there is any other way to approach these whiskies for the first time. Part of the enjoyment is in attempting to understand the project which the Waterford Distillery are undertaking and in coming to the realization that this is no ordinary distillery.Continue reading “The Waterford Distillery Single Farm Origin: A Trio about Terroir”

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